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Successful career searches do not happen by accident, they are deliberate! Much of the success depends on you. It depends, quite frankly on your determination and willingness to understand the inner workings of the search.

Working the career search can be divided into many different parts - the resume, the search, the interview, the offer - - with all parts created equal. Each builds upon the other. A strong resume, leads to an active career search. An active career search leads to exiting interviews. Exciting interviews leads to viable job offers. In order for the career search to be successful all parts must come together seamlessly.

The reality is that the career search doesn't have to a riddle. Just like any other "relationship", the success of a job seekers courtship with an organization depends on his or her drive to build an instant connection. The rules of relationship building haven't changed. A "what's in it for me?" attitude never works. To complicate matters, the career search is also about you - - your desires - - your accomplishments - - your story.

Knowing the deal breakers and deal makers for your career search can save you a lot of time and frustration. Sound confusing? That's understandable. After all the career search has so many integral parts and your success hinges on your ability to fuse your wants and those of the hiring organization and that is just not always easy to do.

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